Dance Floor Hire for Events

There’s no question that most people enjoy having the opportunity to let their hair down and dance the night away at a great party, event or conference. Nowadays, portable dance floor hire is the way forward to bring the dancing to your disco, wherever you may decide to locate it! Furniture4Events are proud to be one of the largest and most comprehensive suppliers of dance floor in the UK. From black or white gloss or LED Starlit floors, to our specialist Mirror and Disco dance floors, we have a dance floor style to liven up any blank space. Take a look at our full range here

This is why more and more people are seeking a professional floor hire service to help provide a memorable experience and a fun party atmosphere for their guests. Here at Furniture4Events, we make the whole process as easy as possible – from enquiry to collection, our knowledgeable team will be able to guide you on the whole process.

Portable Dance Floors

Reflecting the evolution of musical tastes and event style, dance floors have been through their own evolution in terms of their uses, popularity and the technology available to bring events alive. Rather than the traditional wooden ballroom floor, dance floors are now available in portable formats with a huge variety of sizes and styles adapted to any function.

Modern dance floors present endless possibilities for maximising the entertainment appeal of your event. Portable dance floors mean there is less restriction than ever before on where you choose your venue for an event. Today’s dance floors have an unprecedented level of safety, convenience and durability to make sure your guests are well looked after.

Whether you are considering a dance floor for a business event, conference or awards ceremony, or simply want the opportunity to provide family and friends with an unforgettable experience, consider using a dance floor to make your event sparkle. For example, a Wooden Parquet Dance Floor may be ideal for a function being held in a marquee in your garden, whereas Disco LED Dance Floor would make the ideal accompaniment to an indoor disco, entertaining guests with its funky lighting effects. Your guests will go away with memories that will last a lifetime.

Dance Floor Hire for Corporate Events, Birthdays, Weddings and Parties for Family and Friends

For everything from family functions to corporate events, providing a dancefloor can be a great way to bring everyone together. People naturally gravitate towards the dance floor as the central focus of an evening event, which takes the pressure off of you as the host to provide entertainment. Simply pair your spectacular dance floor with great music and you’ve got an instant win. We have the ability to cater for large scale events for over 1000 people, as we hold one of the biggest stocks of dance floor within the South of the UK.

How to Choose the Dance Floor Size

The easiest way to do this is to base it on the number of guests attending your event. As a rule of thumb, we assume that 50% of your guests will be on their feet and busting some moves on the floor at one time. We’ve found that generally this rule works well across the board at different kind of events and parties, but it’s also worth considering your audience specifically i.e. will the majority of your guest list be the dancing type or will many prefer to take their seat for the evening? Only you know your guest list so it’s always something to bear in mind as this can also determine the size of your dancing space.

The table below is a useful guide:

Number of Guests Attending

Dance Floor Size Recommended


12ft x 12ft


16ft x 16ft


20ft x 16ft


20ft x 20ft


24ft x 20ft


24ft x 24ft


30ft x 24ft


40ft x 20ft

If you have a larger guest list, please speak to us and we will be able to recommend a floor specific to the size of your venue.

Perfect Dance Floors Make for a Stunning Night

So, if you are now convinced that a dance floor is just what you need for your event, then please do call or contact us for information on how to book so we can make your party, wedding or conference that bit more special. We make the hiring of dance floors easy and stress-free and can even provide the rest of your furniture to boot! Contact us for a specialised package deal for all your furniture hire needs.

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