LED Furniture Hire for Events

LED furniture can add a definite touch of style to any event. Although modern in its design, the versatility of our LED furniture means it is at home in both traditional and contemporary surroundings and suits any theme imaginable. The beauty of using LED lights is that you are in full control when it comes to choosing the colour scheme and lighting effects used for your event.

So why not add a fun and attractive dimension to your event space and be sure to wow your guests with our extensive range of illuminated furniture. You’ve certainly come to the right place because we do the whole caboodle, with everything from seating and dining to bars and dancefloors!

Illuminated LED Cubes and Chill Out Seating

Perfect for providing a stylish spot for your guests to sit and take the weight off their feet, so that they can recharge before dancing to the DJ’s beat a bit longer. We use state-of-the-art LED lights, which are the most compact yet powerful lights currently available to hire, adding those pops of colour to brighten up your event space.

As one of the original suppliers of LED cube seating within the UK events and party market, we sure know our stuff when it comes to illuminated LED cube seating. The demand for this kind of furniture has grown hugely in recent years and with demand often comes imitation… Here at Furniture4Events, we supply the real deal and have been proudly doing so for just over a decade. We strive for innovation and versatility, so you can be sure that there will be no compromise on quality and style when you hire LED furniture from us.

Our LED chill out range includes cubes, benches and coffee tables.

LED Dance Floor Hire

If you’re after an LED dance floor, there are two fantastic options available to you:

1. Starlit or 'Pealight' LED Dance Floors

To create a subtle but stunning lighting effect for your event, our Starlit LED floors incorporate a number of white sparkling LED lights into each panel. Available in white or black, or for something different we even have white and black zig-zag or framed Starlit floors. Whether it’s a large corporate event, an awards ceremony, a wedding reception or a private family birthday party, Starlit LED dance floors are just the thing to add that fantastic wow factor. 

2. Disco LED Dance Floor

Bring disco back with our popular Disco LED Dance Floor. Each panel lights up in a rainbow of stunning lighting effects, adding a fun and funky dimension to your party. There’s certainly no age-limit on having fun, so this floor is great entertainment for the little ones at the party as well as all the big kids amongst us.

Our LED dance floors are comprised of portable panels, which gives you the flexibility to choose the final size and shape of the platform required. Whilst traditionally configured into a square/rectangular dance area, you could even use this dance floor for fashion shows – when configured in straight lines, they are perfect for creating stunning catwalks or walkways.

Hiring Illuminated LED Bars

Refreshments are a key part of most events so it’s always important to consider creating a designated and obvious area for your guests to head to stock up on their drinks. For a real eye-catching focal point within your event space, our LED Illuminated and Dynamo LED Bar are fantastic contenders. Popular at all kinds of events, particularly Corporate Parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and Birthdays or Celebratory Parties, our 6ft curved sections of LED bar have even been used as a funky DJ booth!

Our bars are modular, available in 6ft straight and curve sections which you can combine to create a unique bar in exactly the right shape for your room. This includes circular and even oval bars that offer access to drinks from all approaches.

Illuminated Dining Tables

Our range of Swirled Acrylic Tables, in both round and rectangular styles, are illuminated with our LED lights and can transform an ordinary dining experience into an extraordinary one at the touch of a button.

As with all of our LED furniture, you can also choose how you would like your lighting set. For example, whilst guests are seated and eating you may opt for static lights at a lowered brightness. Alternatively, after dinner you may then want to synchronise your dining table lighting with the tempo of the music to encourage people to get up and dance. We provide easy to follow instructions for our lights and a remote control, tablet or lighting desk which means you are in complete control.

LED Poseur Tables

Positioned strategically close to the bar area, these tables can help to prevent people from crowding around the bar after they have ordered their drinks. Because of its height, a poseur table allows guests to put their glasses or plates down on a surface set conveniently at standing height to enable continued conversation. LED poseur tables are a great way to add columns of light within your room, particular in a dimly lit area during an evening event. Check out our beautiful Swirled Poseur Tables or our Spandex Illuminated Poseurs.

Professional LED Furniture Supplier for Amazing Events

Whether you are aiming to creating a modern vibe or a cosy, intimate ambience, hiring an LED furniture set up to complement your venue and theme will ensure that your guests are thoroughly impressed from the moment they set foot in the room.


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