Brushed Silver Mirror Dance Floor

A mirrored dance floor is a unique and wonderful focal point to add to any venue. The Brushed Silver Mirror dance floor has more of a matt effect, which is slightly less reflective. However it will still beautifully capture the light and silhouettes of you and your guests as you dance in style. An ever-popular option at weddings and parties, that also makes for a great catwalk or runway at fashion shows or product launches!
Please be sure to let us know if this floor is to be placed underneath a clear/glass roof during the daytime. 
Dance Floor panels are 4ft x 2ft, interlocking to create the size you need for your event.

What size dance floor do I need?

We base the size of the floor on the number of guests that you have attending your event. Check out the table below for a handy size guide.
Number of Guests Attending Dance Floor Size Recommended
50 12ft x 12ft
50-100 16ft x 16ft
100-150 20ft x 16ft
150-200 20ft x 20ft
200-250 24ft x 20ft
250-300 24ft x 24ft
300-350 30ft x 24ft
400 40ft x 20ft
  • Our mirrored floors are fitted with a brand new acrylic mirror covering each time they are hired. To ensure perfection, the protective film will not be uncovered until it is laid at your event.
  • The mirror is laid on top of our standard gloss dance floor panels, which fit together using a secure tongue-and-groove locking system.
  • After a different style or mirror or a different colour? Get in touch with our helpful sales team who will be able to offer alternative suggestions to suit your event.

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