• Fire Flame

    Recreate the warm, flickering glow of a fireside moment with this fierce Fire Flame, brought to life with our wireless LED technology. Perfect for a Fire and Ice theme.

    Each centre piece comes with our state-of-the-art LED lights, housed in a square mirror box.

    Height = 74cm
    The next level of light magic, right at your fingertips! Our LED table centre lights are the diameter of a coffee cup and fit neatly into your palm. These small and mighty lights are brighter and more powerful than ever before, providing you their best performance yet.

    Wireless DMX technology gives you three easy ways to control the lighting:

    • Remote Control – choose between 10 main colours, 6 different lighting effects, 4 transition speeds and 3 light intensity levels. It’s as easy as changing the channel on your TV!
    • Android Tablet – all the benefits that feature on the remote control, with the added choice of over 16 million colours and additional lighting effects. Create a lighting show from the palm of your hand with the easy-to-use Android App.
    • DMX Transmitter for Lighting Desk – we can supply your production team or lighting technician with a DMX transmitter, which can be plugged into a lighting desk to allow extensive control for more sophisticated lighting effects. Each light can be individually addressed to allow specific control of each table centre, or they can be controlled altogether at the same time.
    • Pair with our Ice Shard and/or Ribbon centrepiece for a Fire and Ice themed event.
    • With an extensive choice of colours and effects for your lighting, you can tailor this table centre to suit any theme or colour scheme.

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