Luna Cove Sofa

This Luna Cove Sofa is perfect for conferences, VIP Booths, chill out seating or as a smart seating option at any kind of event or party. This is one of many configurations you can choose with this versatile seating. By using a combination of straight sections, along with 90° and 30° curve sections, you have the freedom to create thousands of different configurations.

All you have to do next is choose whether you would like your sofa seating with or without armrests. 

Individual Straight Section
  • Dimensions: L 76cm x D 81cm x H 79cm
8-Seater Cove Sofa
  • Dimensions: L 314.7cm x W 233.5cm x H 79cm
  • Add white skirting to hide the metal legs
  • To take this seating from day to night, add our state-of-the-art wireless LED uplighters to illuminate the sofas from underneath.

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