2019 to 2020 – What to Expect

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Reflecting on 2019

2019 has been a fantastic year full of Weddings, Bat / Bar Mitzvah’s, Corporate events and many more. We exhibited all different ranges of our unique furniture and it’s been amazing to see all the different ways it has been incorporated at each event. Nothing is impossible; that’s why 2019 was a great year for creating new and bespoke furniture for each client’s special day. Let’s look back on what we’ve created and supplied throughout 2019…


Last year we created even more bespoke furniture, giving our workshop dream team a challenge! We love being able to offer our clients something that is styled and made uniquely for their special day. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to test the water with new furniture and see whether this could be of interest to other events!

Creativity is Intelligence having fun”, Albert Einstein

Grass bar 

The Grass bar was something that is of course head-to-toe green! Using astro turf, this bar was designed and made by our workshop team, creating each section individually and pieced together for the final outcome. We also made some bespoke grass bar stools… very comfy to sit on!

Top Tables 

A popular demand this year has been a different style of top table.  As we all know, traditionally, the ‘Top Table’ is used for the Bride, Groom and those held most dear. Our clients were looking for something individual, like no other to stand out from ‘original’ Top Table ideas. We was lucky enough to have 2 different clients that wanted something different…One Mirrored and the other using LED. Instead of using tablecloths, both of these top tables had full frontage, so there was no need for anything else! These really are a statement piece, that put the room into perspective.


Rustic or Traditional furniture is more popular than ever, that’s why we’ve introduced our Rustic Wooden Tables and Crossback Chairs to the family. These have been nothing but loved throughout the whole of 2019. Our workshop team were able to match our Rustic Tables to our beautiful Oak Crossbacks, making them the perfect combination.

A beautiful photo shoot taken place at Shaw House, Newbury.

The 2020’s should be a great decade for upcycling and using reclaimed wood to create masterpieces. Which leads us to an exciting announcement for 2020…

What to Expect for 2020

F4E have lot’s of plans for 2020. As you may already know we have partnered with Elite Hire, which means our furniture family has extended to even more! Elite have a fantastic range which we know is a popular demand around the local / regional areas. Elite have a lot more items which relate to upcycling and reclaimed wood, which we think is going to be a big hit for 2020! This type of furniture is certainly quirky so you’ll be sure to draw your guests attention whether its chill-out seating or poseur tables, it will be the talk of the event (or maybe even a centre piece for photographs?!).

Above all, we want to ensure that all our clients are provided with the best of the best. So that’s why F4E ensure all our furniture is monitored and checked after every event so we can keep this in the very best condition. We love hearing feedback from our clients to say how good the furniture looked, as if it was brand new!

All of our new furniture has been added to the website, so please check it out! If you have any questions about this please contact our sales team – [email protected] or give us a call – 01635 247033.

Finally 2020 – we are ready!

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