Furniture Choices For a Roaring 20’s / Great Gatsby Themed Party

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The 1920’s – the era of Prohibition, where bars and saloons were forced to close due to extortionate licencing fees. In their place, people would throw extravagant parties at home – think Great Gatsby – or head to secret venues called “Speakeasies”. Here folk could still enjoy a social hook-up whilst being inconspicuously sold alcohol in a tea cup. Jazz music was in full swing and cocktails like Mint Julep were born to mask the taste of home brewed liquor…

The 1920’s party theme has been a strong favourite over the years for birthdays, New Year’s Eve parties and other celebrations alike. When throwing a get-together with a Roaring 20’s theme, you will be encapsulating all the things that make this era stand out: the glamour, the freedom and the fun!

To help you to set the scene, here we have put together a list of our 1920’s style party furniture favourites:

Stylish Dining Options

Set The Mood With Table Centre Lighting

Speakeasies were secret and intimate venues and so the lighting was kept minimal. Low-level lamps, such as our Crystal Lamp with a Black Shade, are the perfect way to add lighting to the table.

To accentuate the glamour within your theme, why not add some of our Ostrich Feather Plume Centrepieces around your bar or chill out area? Black was seen as a fashionable colour in this era, so make this your inspiration and have a combination of black and either gold, white or red feathers.

Bar and Bar Furniture Options

  • Our Dynamo LED Bar adds just the right level of lighting for this theme. Set the colour of the bar to match your colour scheme!
  • Or keep it classic with our Traditional Pub Bar
  • To encourage guests to congregate and socialise with ease, use our casual Bar Furniture. Ideal if you are serving canapes or as an area for guests to rest their drinks around the bar.

Dance Floors

Black and White Chequered Dance Floor typifies the 1920’s perfectly, or if you’re after something slightly different, ask our sales team about a Black and White Starlit Dance Floor in a Zig-Zag or Framed effect.

Chill Out

Our range of low-level Banquette Fabric Seating is just what you need for a 1920’s party to create those intimate corners and lounge areas, where your guests can rest their feet after a go at the Charleston or Fox Trot on the dance floor. Team with Geo Illuminated Coffee Cubes for a pop of colour, or for some more glamour, go for our Banquette Coffee Cubes with a mirrored top. Again, opt for dark colours and fabrics such as velvet to create a really iconic 1920’s lounge area.

Complete the look with some more Crystal Lamps with Black Shades.

We would love to help you bring your Roaring 20’s themed party to life. Just get in touch with our sales team to see how we can help.

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